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Video / How does Elif Shafak explain the very misunderstood word 'ambition'

Video / How does Elif Shafak explain the very misunderstood word

Writer Elif Shafak is right when she thinks that the word "ambition" is misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused. She started by asking her followers a simple question, which word she wanted to talk about this time (a practice she often does with different words) and they answered "ambition". In a video on Instagram it shows beautifully, clearly and concisely why all the followers who asked for this word were girls and women. No man!

"When I asked friends and readers what words I should talk about next, it was interesting to see how some people, in fact all women, asked me to talk about the word 'ambition'. It seems to me important that so many women have been hurt by the way this particular word has been used against them whenever they have wanted to pursue dreams. Have you noticed a gender discrepancy in the use of this word? ‘Ambition’ almost always has a negative connotation when used to describe a woman. In men, as a society, we like to see ambition, but in women, no. Why? ”Elif writes.

Further in the video Shafak follows:

"Why do we say to our girls, the younger generation: Do not be ambitious, just join the crowd! Be like everyone else! Do not stand out! I think we need the opposite. We must actually raise the word 'ambition' on the pedestal. We should rejoice and say: This is for ambitious women! This is for ambitious girls! But also for anyone who for any reason could not have ambitions. They have not allowed them to have dreams. Their heads are lowered and they are shown the 'place'. "For anyone who has felt this way, I hope he never stops having a wealth of ambition," Shafak said.