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Video / I lost my mother from Covid, Jonida Shehu confesses: I believe postponing the vaccination time was a mistake

Video / I lost my mother from Covid, Jonida Shehu confesses: I believe

Moderator and journalist Jonida Shehu recently lost her mother from Covidi. For the first time, it is narrated today in an awareness video distributed by the Minister of Health. Jonida says that after all the analysis she has done with herself, she believes that postponing the vaccination time, not today, but tomorrow, was most likely the mistake that got her dear.

"I do not believe that anyone is left without a personal experience of Covid today. And the time of this fatal Covid in our family is very fresh. In all the analysis even the thoughts that come to me during these days after mom's departure is just a constant, that I never thought she would leave Covid.

After my mother, I have had other family members who have been infected with Covid, who fortunately were vaccinated, not just passed Covid, but today they are. Even this is enough for me to think that postponing the vaccination time was I believe a mistake. The opportunity for the vaccine to add even a percentage of your weapons to the fight against the virus, no matter how horrible and unpredictable it is, is worth it.

Tomorrow is not the right time. is today, or yesterday if you can. "Maybe, things would have gone differently if I had thought so a few months ago", Jonida Shehu confesses.