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Put on your seat belts and turn on your imagination "in Audi", with Isli Islami

Put on your seat belts and turn on your imagination "in Audi", with

In a world that is constantly looking for new experiences, Porsche Albania comes with a new project that will change the way we perceive the art of conversation; the "n'Audi" vlog.

With Isli Islam at the helm, who steps out of his comfort zone as a moderator and appears to us in a new role, as the host of many public figures.

The choice to move from the traditional interview format to a more interactive approach brings a new spirit of communication with the public.

"n'Audi" promises to be more than just a conversation; is a journey of exploration and discovery of characters from different areas of public life who share their unique stories and experiences.

But, beyond every guest who brings a new story, and sings his favorite music, there is an unchanging protagonist who attracts attention; Audi.

The vehicle, which symbolizes elegance and innovation, is not just a means of transport, but it becomes a witness and participant of every conversation, offering a movable "stage" that makes the conversation even more dynamic and entertaining.

"n'Audi" with Isli Islami takes the viewer on a journey where the eye sees the beautiful Albanian landscapes and the conversation extends from art, culture, to current topics and phenomena

Porsche Albania has conceived "n'Audi" as a unique experience for the guests but also for the public. Therefore, this project is an open invitation to all those who seek to experience a new experience, full of emotions, discoveries and endless possibilities.

After that, put on your seat belts and start the engines for an unforgettable trip "in Audi", with Isli Islam and Porsche Albania.

*This is a sponsored post