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The best and worst foods for teeth

The best and worst foods for teeth

If you want a healthy smile, you will already know the importance of brushing your teeth, but have you considered your diet? Sugary products are among the worst foods for teeth as they create the conditions for their decay. Instead, focus on eating more nutrient-rich foods that strengthen your teeth and protect them from cavities.


Foods rich in sugar

Candies, biscuits and sweets are not only harmful to your waistline, but are also among the worst foods for your teeth.

"When the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, they produce an acidic by-product that removes the enamel from your teeth," says Dr. Victoria Veytsman (opens in new tab), a famous cosmetic dentist. When sugar comes in contact with plaque on the teeth, it stimulates acid production. On the other hand, the acid attacks the outer enamel layer of your teeth and makes you vulnerable to cavities.


Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruit contain high amounts of acid and sugar. Result? This double blow of acid leads to corrosion of the protective enamel, according to the American Dental Association. While citrus fruits offer health benefits, it is best to enjoy them in moderation and as part of a meal to minimize acid production.

Simple carbohydrates

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Fruta dhe perime krokante

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Ushqimet e pasura me kalcium

Want to keep the cavities away? Calcium is your friend: it plays an essential role in strengthening the enamel t. Meeting your calcium needs has several benefits. A 2017 study in Oral Clinical Investigations found that young women with lower calcium intake had an increased risk of oral disease.

Including foods like milk, cheese and yogurt in your diet will increase your calcium intake.


Lean proteins like chicken, fish and eggs are all rich sources of phosphorus. This mineral is essential for the reconstruction of enamel and can protect against cavities.


Walnuts are a fantastic choice to protect your teeth. They contain a nutritious amount of minerals like calcium.