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The three most difficult things in relationships, the ways to avoid them

The three most difficult things in relationships, the ways to avoid them

It is not easy to always find a common language and forget disagreements.

It is no secret what is needed for the success of the relationship, good communication, a lot of effort and willingness to compromise.

However, all this sounds good in theory, but in practice it does not work as we would like.

It is not easy to move from the word "I" to "us" and take care of the feelings of the partner.

This is why it is not surprising that it is very difficult to build mutual communication based on trust and understanding.

And for your relationship to last forever, psychologists list some things you need to pay attention to.

1. Choose the right time to speak

It is important to find the right time to talk to your partner, especially after an argument. You and your partner need to be calm, not rushed and not stressed when discussing a problem.

Sometimes people tend to bring problems to their partners at the wrong time, especially when they are very emotional.

If your partner is in a bad mood, tired or nervous, and you suddenly enter the room to talk to him about what worries you, it will only make the situation worse, writes

The reason for this is that you are both not emotionally and mentally ready to talk. You may not be aware of your words and may look like you are attacking them. And your partner can fight and start defending himself. That way you will not achieve anything.

2. Use face-to-face communication as often as possible

Text messages can cause communication errors, so it is best to talk face to face with your partner. First of all, you need to make sure that they are ready to pay full attention to you when you approach them to talk.

Keep eye contact as you speak, listen to them as they speak, and respond calmly, without attacking or shouting.

3. Develop good listening skills

Sometimes you have the feeling that the other party is not listening to you and more often the reason is your tendency not to listen to your partner when he speaks or expresses his feelings.

You need to actively listen to your partner when he says something. Do not interrupt them while they are talking. Confirm that you listen and understand what they are saying.

Answer only after they stop talking. If you want to communicate better with your partner and understand each other better, the best advice for a relationship is to learn their language of love. Communication skills will strengthen your relationship, and quarrels and misunderstandings will be a thing of the past.