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The study found that dogs can distinguish a liar

The study found that dogs can distinguish a liar

There have been consistent studies showing that having a dog not only makes you healthier and happier, but also makes you a better person. From boosting immunity, to teaching children how to cope with loss and there still is.

A recent study found that the dog also understands lies that are made consciously.

It is actually believed that in human beings we are not very good at detecting when someone is lying to us. Not that we do not have the ability, but we often suppress our instincts. Dogs do not.

Researchers at the University of Vienna tried to find out. And to do this they studied 260 different breeds of dogs.

The study was conducted through a 2-bowl trick, where one was kept empty and the other contained a hidden food. First, the dogs were trained to follow a person's instructions, in choosing which of the 2 bowls contained the hidden dessert. When the dogs found it, they ate it, and that was the reward.

Then came the trick. The dogs watched as another person would change the dessert from one bowl to another. He was pointing to the wrong bowl, which's supposed to contain cakes. The dogs ignored the person who lied to them.

Surprisingly, when the roles of the manipulators changed the dogs managed to spot what was lying to them and continued to ignore it.

Dogs believe less than chimpanzees and than children. Similar experiments were performed with children up to 5 years of age and with chimpanzees. Eventually, the dogs recognized the liar better.

So do not be surprised if you leave it to someone you belong to. Maybe he is not liking it.