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Spain is troubled by a female portrait of Jesus

Spain is troubled by a female portrait of Jesus

The portrait of Jesus painted by Salustiano Garcia on the occasion of Holy Week in Seville has sparked discussions in recent hours. For the event, which will take place from March 24 to 31, 2024, the artist has created an image that some have described as "shameful" and "provocative".

In the poster presented in the great hall of the Caja Rural Foundation a few days ago, we see a hairless Jesus, with delicate features and long, well-groomed hair: a representation for which the Council of the Brotherhood of the city, which deals with the organization of the demonstration, expressed his approval, receiving the work with great applause.

However, some conservative institutions such as IPSE, an ultra-Catholic group, have a different opinion, calling it "absolutely disgraceful", "an aberration" and "feminine", calling on those responsible to retract it and issue a public apology .

Meanwhile, on the well-known site, a petition has been launched for the removal of the work: the request has so far collected over 12 thousand signatures.

However, the artist Salustiano Garcia defended himself in the pages of the Spanish newspaper ABC, stating that he created the painting with deep respect and explaining that he had not done anything innovative: "There is nothing in my painting that is not already represented in the works of art centuries ago. Anyone who saw sexuality in it needs a little artistic education. El Greco's sculpture of the resurrected Christ shows him completely naked, penis and all. If this was possible in the 16th century why can't we show a bare-chested Christ in the 21st century".

The artist also explained that he was inspired by his son Horacio, as well as his brother, who died when Garcia was young: “I was twelve years old when my brother died. My mother asked me to enter the room where his body rested to say goodbye. I was terrified, but when I saw his face, his calmness and his hands crossed on his chest, I was shocked. How can a lying body contain so much beauty!” he said.