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Today is Blue Monday. Why is it called the most stressful day of the year?

Today is Blue Monday. Why is it called the most stressful day of the year?

The third Monday of January is widely known as the blue Monday, the so-called most stressful day of the year. There are very few scientific explanations for what lies behind the Blue Moon, but there are several reasons why this day makes us feel sadder than usual.

In fact, it's also the time when Canadians see less sun, people generally do not have much appetite to eat and it is the time when they realize that from all those plans they made for the New Year, so far nothing has changed, without adding debts and the desire for cold days to end as soon as possible.

However, neuroscientist Dean Burnett, says that this concept is an invention of humanity as there is no reason why it should be called the most stressful day of the year.

The idea for the blue moon according to some websites was first born in 2005 by a travel agency called Sky Travel, and was called the day when no one wants to travel under the gray sky and this agency used the term to evoke more a lot of interest to attract more customers.

The neuroscientist says there is no 24 hour depression. According to him, mental health does not work in this way determined by the day and if there are people who believe it can be psychologically harmful.

The truth according to him is this: Mid-January is logically gloomy, tiring, it is the stage when the body gets used to the changes after the holidays, less food, less background music, less travel, cold and return to the daily routine without people close around. In order to escape this feeling, it is good to maintain positivity and consume vitamin D.