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'Lucky Girl Syndrome' the latest TikTok technique where people pretend to get the life they want

'Lucky Girl Syndrome' the latest TikTok technique where people pretend

To achieve what you want, the life you want, just by thinking positively.

Although some TikTok users call it 'delusional', this manifestation technique has become popular for a reason. More and more people are saying that their optimistic outlook really seemed to create new opportunities. Expressing positivity about life, with videos on TikTok, is simply a more real way for people to change their thinking and why not their reality.

What is lucky girl syndrome?

Although some users started using the term in early 2022, it was only clarified in the last few days when a girl posted a video saying:

"I take even the craziest opportunities thrown at me out of nowhere. I have no words to describe how lucky I feel. The odds are completely in my favor," she says.

The video has reached nearly 3 million views.

Laura Galebe shares how lucky she is and that she expects 'big things' to happen to her.

Galebe acknowledged that people have said that this mindset can leave room for disappointment, but she thinks that if one thing doesn't go the way she envisions, she thinks something better will come.

The "lucky girl syndrome" is based on the law of assumption, which states that if a person assumes and believes that something is true, that concept becomes reality.

Neville Goddard, who is widely regarded as a pioneer in spreading this thought, wrote that 'man, assuming the sense of fulfillment of desire and then living and acting on this conviction, changes his future in harmony with his assumption' .

Through his meditations, Goddard challenged people to look at themselves from an outside perspective, believing that whatever personal desires were completely true.

Does the lucky girl mentality really work?

Ever since Laura Galebe's video went viral, TikTok has been filled with more videos based on this mindset.

By doing this, people are training their mind's reticular activating system, which Conner describes as a system in your brain that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff can get through, and decides what's necessary in based on what you are focusing on and beliefs.

Key phrases:

Great things always happen to me unexpectedly.

I am very lucky.

Everything works in my favor.

Always works for me.

The universe is always in my favor.

I am the luckiest person I know.