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How to update your wardrobe without buying anything new

How to update your wardrobe without buying anything new

If you also happen to stand in front of a full wardrobe and say again: "I have nothing to wear!" you're not the only one.

According to a research, we only wear 20 percent of what is in our wardrobes 80 percent of the time.

If you are unsure of your style, the answer should not be to run shopping. One of the tips given is to turn to a stylist to help you rediscover your style using the "arsenal" of clothes in your wardrobe.

There are many reasons why we often fill our wardrobes with the "wrong" clothes. From excessive advertising on social networks to current trends that make us constantly buy new clothes, regardless of whether they suit our style.

Sustainable stylists offer a variety of opportunities to help their customers discover the hidden potential of their wardrobes.

"Our style evolves all the time, but I think it takes a little work to find out who you want to be," says Alyssa Beltempo, a Canadian designer.

To discover or rediscover your personal style, stylists suggest finding a list of words to describe what you're looking for. Don't just think about aesthetics, but also about the feeling you want to get from your clothes.

"I'm not against shopping completely, I'm against overconsumption and thoughtlessness when shopping," says Alyssa. “It's not just about style, we have to make sure you keep wearing what you have. They should be an eternal part of you."

Hiring a consistent designer is probably an investment that isn't always attainable, but in the absence of one, you can download a wardrobe organization app like OpenWardrobe or Whering, which digitizes your clothes and uses an algorithm to formulate ideas of clothes.

Whatever you decide to do, maintaining your style is an ongoing practice that will serve you well at any stage of life.