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How to react if your child uses the word "fat" as an insult

How to react if your child uses the word "fat" as an insult

Raising a child is never easy, above all because it is important to help him express himself correctly and with respect to others, especially in a period like the one we are experiencing. In a society like this one, where many of the judgments are related to image and physical appearance, one must fight to do the opposite.

Dialogue with a boy or girl turns out to be an important component and should also include moments in which we try to direct them to the best terms to use. Thus, some of them may use the word 'fat' to define someone and use it as an insult, confirming how they consider a thin physique to be better.

If this were to happen, it is essential to take action before this way of speaking becomes a habit. This, in fact, clearly shows how the child associates being overweight with a negative value system.

What should be done in such cases? Crystall Williams, a psychologist from California, tried to give some advice to parents on how to act through an interview with the Huffington Post: 'If parents hear their children use the word 'fat' to insult or criticize themselves or others, it means they see it with a negative connotation. At this point it would be important to try to ask him some questions: 'What does the word fat mean to you? What do you think this word means to other people? Who decides who is healthy and who is not? Is there anything wrong with being overweight?'”

A mother or father can also remind the child that 'bodies can come in different shapes, colors and sizes,' are the words of nutritionist Alyssa Miller.

"All bodies are different and we don't comment on people's bodies", these are phrases that should be constantly told to children.

It should never be assumed that children are too young to understand prejudice. In most situations, in fact, they are able to absorb messages from the outside from a young age, to the point of perceiving that there is a kind of weight phobia in today's society. Many of us may feel that we can be bullied if we are perceived as fat. As soon as you hear them say that word, it would be important to cut them off and try to start another conversation.

Changing their thinking will certainly not be easy, but not impossible either.