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How to stop feeling hungry, according to experts 

How to stop feeling hungry, according to experts

Hunger can be your body's signal that you need to eat, but if you've ever just compulsively finished a packet of cookies or a box of chocolates, you should know that the urge to eat isn't just about staving off hunger.

Five ways to help regulate your hunger, according to experts

1. Foods that cause a spike in blood sugar and dopamine make you more addicted to food.

2. Eating fiber alongside foods with a higher glycemic index (sugar load) will lower the impact of blood sugars. A large salad with your pizza reduces the spike in blood sugar from the pizza. Eating your dessert right after a fiber-filled lunch will lessen the dessert's blood sugar impact.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids can release dopamine via neuropods in the gut, helping to reduce sugar cravings. This can be achieved by the EPA fatty acids found in salmon or sardines.

4. Increasing your intake of amino acids can also reduce cravings by stimulating dopamine production through proteins such as fish, chicken, eggs and cheese.

5. The quality and duration of sleep has an impact on our sugar cravings. Aiming for seven hours of good quality sleep can reduce cravings and overeating.