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How to save yourself from someone who talks too much

How to save yourself from someone who talks too much

A "fun" story about grandma, the cat or just their walk to work - some people just need to express themselves and can't stop.

Normally it is important to behave well and not disturb people, but if you are constantly around such a person, you are probably starting to get nervous.

Therefore, the most important thing here is to learn to "fight" for yourself and know how to get away from these people.


The first step is to listen patiently. It is important to understand what the person is trying to tell you.

Maybe there's an important thought he's trying to express or some feeling he's trying to express.

Or he just wants to be admired.

If it is something very important, the speech should not be long.

Ask him often what the main point is

It may happen that the person simply deviates from the topic, talking more about irrelevant things and details.

In this case, it is good to remind him what the main point of the conversation is.

Ask if you can intervene

If after all attempts to end the conversation the person does not stop, then it is better to act a little differently.

You should ask the person confidently, but also politely, if it is okay if you interrupt them.

Chances are that the person realizes that the conversation has gone on too long and allows you to finish your thought.

Do the same

After blocking him in conversation, you can do the same. So instead of stopping the conversation altogether, you can talk about similar things about yourself, the dog, etc.

That way the person knows how you feel and maybe stops talking.

You say you don't have time

Sometimes people just can't read the signs. So it's good to tell them that you don't have time to listen to them.

Show that you are not satisfied with this way of talking

It may happen that the person is simply not worried about anything and will not stop talking.

If none of the above tricks work, then you can tell him that you are not happy with the situation.

Body language along with annoying facial expressions will tell that person that their conversation is no longer welcome.