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How to wear perfume to make it last all day 

How to wear perfume to make it last all day

According to perfume experts, there is one giant (and common) mistake people make when applying their perfume. "Rubbing your hands together when putting on perfume is considered a big mistake," says make-up artist Rosie Johnston.

Here's what the pros recommend you do instead.

Basically, that friction helps the scent evaporate even faster.

Cat Chen, founder of perfume brand Skylar, advises: "Rubbing doesn't help longevity. It helps the perfume lose its potency faster."

If you want to mix your scent — or wipe off some of the liquid — try simply touching your knuckles instead of rubbing. You can also stick your wrist on your arm, neck or anywhere you want to deposit some fragrance without messing with its longevity.