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How perfume fights depression

How perfume fights depression

Good fragrances of perfumes or familiar home fragrances, of clothes, fight depression. This is the conclusion of a new study.

University of Pittsburgh research suggests that familiar and good smells, when you smell them, are

more effective than words to remember positive moments.

Neuroscientist Cinzia Cecchetto explains: "A double relationship between depression and smell has been identified: on the one hand it seems that people who lose the ability to smell experience depression after a while, but on the other hand it has also been observed that depressed subjects have an ability reduced sense of smell".

What does happiness smell like? Sometimes it's what we grew up with, that mix of scents we smell in every home that can be helpful in providing relief to those suffering from depression.

Led by Kymberly Young, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, researchers have found that familiar smells can play a crucial role in helping depressed people recall specific, autobiographical moments, potentially offering a new path to recovery. of good humor. The results of the study, in fact, suggest that smells are significantly more effective than words for positive memories.