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The Rise and Fall of Sebastian Kurz

The Rise and Fall of Sebastian Kurz

By Xhesi Shehu / Only 31 years old, he became the leading politician in Austria. Initially having an image of a good man, with new energies that received the support of the younger and older.

While "Ibiza Affair" and not only appeared on the scene, his image was ruined.

Messages among his confidants clearly showed the high level of corruption that had affected the Austrian government, up to the agreements with the Catholic Church.
Perhaps this political journey is similar to that of many other politicians, but the Kurz case had a far-reaching impact in Western Europe.

Meanwhile, public opinion in Austria commented on the event as "Unbelievably banal level of people running the country".

However Kurz is not being directly investigated for corruption but only his inner circle. If we talk about long-term terms, this damage will cost them dearly.

Because today he has lost the good image he had built as a politician who would bring about change. On the contrary, he created the House of Kurz, allowing the media, the private sector, and important political figures to cooperate with him secretly in exchange for the benefits they receive.

Bargains with other important figures who have been rewarded with favors for the loyalty they have shown to Cruz are not lacking, even religious figures. Those who have tried to disobey have faced pressures and plans which have made them willingly or unwillingly submit to Cruz.

"He turned yellow and then began to tremble," Schmid wrote to his boss to confirm that officials' goal of subjugating church offices had been achieved.

So the question is, was the whole visionary image at the beginning of his career just marketing or was he really the person who would make the difference?
The Austrians already know how to answer.