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The US blacklists 10 individuals from the Balkans

The US blacklists 10 individuals from the Balkans

The United States of America blacklisted 10 individuals from the Balkans on Thursday.

According to the official US Treasury website, the sanctioned individuals are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Among them are Savo Cvijetinović, Petar Gjokić and Dushko Perović from Bosnia and Herzegovina; Miodrag Davidovic and Branislav Miqunovic from Montenegro; Ratka Kunoska Kamceva, Irina Samsonenko and Sergey Samsonenko from North Macedonia; and Misha Vacic and Nenad Popovic from Serbia.

Petar Gjokič is Minister of Energy and Mines in the Government of Republika Srpska (RS) and president of the Socialist Party there.

Since 2010, he has held various ministerial positions in the government of this entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the beginning of November, in Belgrade, on the occasion of the celebration of the Russian holiday, the Day of National Unity, he was awarded an award for his services "in strengthening the friendship between the RS and Russia", REL reports.

Dushko Perovic is the head of the RS Representation in Moscow. He is mainly present during the visit of the president of the RS, Milorad Dodik, to the capital of Russia, and his meetings with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

Savo Cvijetinovic, known by the nickname "Tigri", is a businessman from Bijelina, in the northeast of Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is the founder and director of the company "Inženjering-BN", which was also placed on the US sanctions list.

Cvijetinovic is also the head of the Serbian-Russian community "Zavet". During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was the head of the Special Police Units of the RS.