Saranda and the two places to try at least once

Saranda and the two places to try at least once

Saranda is one of those places that even though the transition has exhausted its soul, it still remains a place where you feel good when you go.

Not to upset the people of Vlora, but Saranda has a fine silence, and the service has increased significantly due to foreign tourism, where in Saranda and Ksamil it is known from all the data is number one.

There are many places in Saranda, I probably don't even know them, but this year I discovered a hotel and a restaurant that I would like to return with the greatest desire.

Hotel Buzë, the name comes a little strange, maybe even provocative or quite technical, as it is by the sea. I believe the name can have it all together like the hotel. The first is a place that as soon as you park the car you can smell the aroma of teas and rosemary or lavender. Someone has planted a garden in organized chaos format. Then as soon as you enter the hotel there is a good smell along with the freshness. The rooms are perfect and being a boutique hotel, there is no mass, it is not cheap, nor easy to find places.

I found myself accidentally at the end of May, when the season hadn’t started and the prices were soft, but for anyone who has the opportunity they shouldn’t leave the lip. Breakfast is not a buffet, and you can order eggs as you like, pancakes, fruit.

Lunch is also less accurate. If you order a cocktail or gin you will see the waiter or the hotel owner himself snatching the mints and rosemary in the garden. What a guy!

The sea is certainly on the edge of the hotel. Everything is clean and the music is always enough volume and genre. It is not for kalamaj, nor for 21-year-olds, but for those who want a quiet weekend, they should try the hotel as a bead in Saranda.

For those who want to go out, I have been told many variants, such as Taurus, Gaverna Filipi, which has fresh fish, a name I do not remember but for me the best is Harmony.

Lunch and dinner at Harmony, which is also a hotel, are fantastic. The boss's dishes, which he owns, do not mean that he will leave next summer, you can find them there in a few words. Dishes change all the time and it's useless to say names, but it's best to go and tell them to bring the best ones, or make us happy today and they will. The service is also perfect.

In these two places I would always like to go, and of course in Saranda to the city that makes you a little bit romantic.