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Roza, Çiljeta, and dare to show that you are a woman

Roza, Çiljeta, and dare to show that you are a woman

Roza Lati, in contrast to the entire reality show, with residents who fight from morning to dinner, seems to be the only one who is showing what it is to be yourself, despite the good and the bad.

As candid as perhaps rarely, Roza Lati has recently revealed her decision to have an elective abortion. A theme that today seems stronger than ever, everywhere.

She explained why she decided not to become a mother, because she was in an unsafe relationship, and that she decided for life. It is precisely this freedom that is dividing America, the land of the free. And Roza did it in Albania, taking on the consequences of comments, critics, and moralists.

Pink is not playing pink, in the famous Big Brother Show.

Çiljeta Xhilaga, an often misunderstood woman, one of the sexiest women in the country, has entered another reality show, this time on a farm in the countryside.

There Çiljeta, who is the mother of a boy from a past story, is the partner of a well-known football player, a dedicated believer of the Islamic faith in recent years, has also confessed herself and, as always, Çiljeta has decided to open her drawer, of sincerity by showing that a few years ago he lost a child.

There are two women, who you may not always agree with, who you may not agree with, but they have the courage to be without skeletons in the closet, and we really need this strength of example away from hypocrisy and the life in order that does not actually exist.