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Questions to ask yourself after the first meeting 

Questions to ask yourself after the first meeting
The first meeting is always complicated and unpredictable. In any case, if it happens to go well, there are a hundred questions swirling in your mind. "Was I looking good?", "Did I like it?" or "will there be a second meeting?" and many such thoughts occur in your mind that force you to constantly think about your meeting. But to be clear, here are some questions to ask yourself after the first meeting.

Did I really enjoy the time with him?

This is the question you need to ask yourself first because having a good time with that person should be a priority. Do not compromise on quality time just because that person either looks too good to be true or is too attractive.

Was there a chemistry?

Having chemistry or an intense connection is extremely necessary to formulate a connection. So it is important to understand if you and your meeting are compatible and if you have chemistry between each other. If not, then it's just a boring meeting, after all.

Was he / she interested in me?

You can know the answer to this question by analyzing how many and what kind of questions your meeting was asking you. If a person is interested in someone, then he will be curious about the person's life, preferences, friends, etc.

What are their values?

This may not seem like a big deal, but having similar values ??helps when looking for a potential partner in a committed relationship. When you have conflicting values ??and interests, it can often turn into a big problem or quarrel later.

Do I want to go further?

Before you think about your meeting, you need to be clear with your intentions. Ask yourself if you are able to meet someone seriously or can you see this going further, perhaps towards a secure future? This is very important because it makes you clear about what you want and also keeps your partner informed.