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Why don't VIPs sign autographs in blue pen?

Why don't VIPs sign autographs in blue pen?

A seemingly mundane video of a celebrity signing autographs has recently become the subject of widespread discussion, all because of one detail. In the video, actress Claire Foy refused to sign an autograph with a blue pen, without giving a reason why not. Her action has ignited a debate on social networks and her response has fueled curiosity.

Actress Claire Foy is best known for her role as the young Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series, The Crown.

In the video shared on TikTok, a person offers Foy a piece of paper and a blue pen to sign her name. But the actress notes the color of the pen and then says: 'I don't sign in blue.'

'What?' the man asks, apparently confused by her answer as she repeats her statement to him. Someone else then gave the actress a black pen and left her autograph on it.

Some people saw it as a rude, impolite act. But no. Turns out she's not the only celeb who doesn't sign in blue pen for fans. This is because the blue signature can be scanned and forged and then used for other things.

Another reason could be because blue autographs are sold on eBay for much more than black autographs and so VIPs avoid this part. So they don't want to support a market of secondary exploitation of their firm.