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Why are there still mosquitoes in circulation?

Why are there still mosquitoes in circulation?

Have you noticed that the mosquitoes didn't go away with the summer? In fact, even the wine itself did not go away easily. Precisely the temperatures still above normal for the season have caused insects to be still present.

"Temperatures well above the seasonal averages have created favorable conditions for a change in the life cycles and reproduction of these insects", declares the president of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine. Italy is also suffering from this problem, even at alarming levels.

The mosquito season is getting longer due to the mild autumn. There are numerous reports of mosquitoes still present both indoors and outdoors. How long will it last?

Unfortunately, this situation risks continuing until Christmas. Always according to the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima).

"The abnormal heat, in fact, allows the mosquito eggs to survive thanks to a milder autumn and the adult insects to stay alive longer, reproduce and reproduce," explains Sima president Alessandro Miani.

"A discussion that does not only apply to the types of mosquitoes that are more resistant to the cold, such as the Japanese (Aedes japonicus japonicus) or Korean (Aedes koreicus), present above all in some areas of Northern Italy, but in Albania do not prevail.

There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide.