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Why big romantic gestures at the beginning of the relationship, can be an alarm signal

Why big romantic gestures at the beginning of the relationship, can be an alarm

Persistent romantic gestures at the beginning of the relationship can actually be an alarm signal. Why? Because your partner may actually be manipulating you through these gestures.

There is a name for this phenomenon. It is called "love bombing" and this technique is commonly used by narcissistic partners to manipulate emotionally.

This technique includes giving gifts, organizing surprises, numerous compliments as well as how to gain the trust of the partner.

Chitra Raghavan, professor of psychology has explained that this behavior of narcissists is done with the intention of taking over the direction of the relationship.

"A partner, usually male, but not necessarily, drowns the partner with attention, gifts, compliments, flattery and basically creates this context in which he behaves as if he were the perfect life partner," said Dr. Raghavan. "The reality is that this person is trying to manipulate the partner, to subjugate him, in order to have complete control over him."

The difficulty of distinguishing a healthy relationship from a sick one

The problem is the ability to distinguish a healthy relationship from an unhealthy one, especially in the beginning during the first outings together. In general, Raghavan said, if the partner shows excessive attention, an alarm bell should ring in our head. If someone is obsessed with you from the first meeting, that's not a good sign.

Attention should also be paid to some words spoken by the partner. Phrases such as 'you are my soul mate', 'I have never met anyone like you' or 'you are everything to me' should cause concern.

A manipulative narcissist is never interested in establishing a truly emotional relationship. All he wants is to feel like he has another person in hand, under control.