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Why second children, especially boys, are the most rebellious

Why second children, especially boys, are the most rebellious

According to some studies, second children are more rebellious than first.

A study by Joseph Doyle reinforces this fact once again. Children born second in line, especially boys, are real rebels. Why?

According to studies, they tend to receive less attention but also have less parental control than first-born siblings.

This can make them feel less valued and more neglected. Under these conditions, they seek attention and acceptance from other sources, such as peers or authority figures.

There is more. Second children can be even less mature than first children. This happens because their role models are their brothers and sisters, who are also small. While for the first children of the house, the models are the parents and adults.

This can lead to them adopting more irrational and impulsive behaviors from their siblings, rather than learning from adults.

Additionally, second-born children may face more competition and being compared to their first-born siblings, who are usually more successful and obedient, makes them feel bad. This can cause them to develop a sense of inferiority, dissatisfaction and a tendency to rebel against the expectations and norms imposed by their parents and society.