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Why should you make friends with people who swear a lot

Why should you make friends with people who swear a lot

An oath is a way of taking on an obligation, keeping a promise, or making sure that what you are saying is true.

When we are little we swear more and as we grow up we give up for fear of getting out of the word. We have been taught that the oath is sacred and not kept. Either, or not to be used to cover up a lie.

Plus then the social stereotypes that consider those who swear to be unintelligent and poorly educated are included in this issue. This view is related to the fact that those who swear use it as a way to express what they cannot say in words, which they do not have persuasive skills.

Psychologists Kristin Joy of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts disagree.

Their study contradicts stereotypes as it shows people who are very intelligent, without prejudice and unconditional by nothing.

The above scholars agree that people who swear often as well as those who swear, or express themselves in words considered taboo, are the most spontaneous and sincere.

And in fact there are many studies that support this fact.

For example, in crime situations. Innocent defendants are more likely to curse the perpetrators than to deny the charges.

Moreover, it appears that swearing several times while giving a testimony makes witnesses and defendants much more credible.

So to put it another way: if you swear and do it often, you are honest and smart.

Science says so!