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Why donzhuang chunas attract us and the experiment with pigeons

Why donzhuang chunas attract us and the experiment with pigeons

The fascinating science behind boy addiction. it is interesting how a simple experiment with pigeons explains why girls are generally attracted to guys who are mobile, those who are unstable in the relationship and therefore lead to a toxic relationship.

The experiment with pigeons

In a cage was pigeon number 1. Every time he pulled a lever, food came to him.

In the other cage was pigeon number 2. Initially, every time this pigeon also moved the lever, food came to it.

Then, pigeon number two got the food, but once in almost 20 moves it let go of the lever.

As for pigeon number 1, it continued to bring food every time it touched the lever.

What was understood?

In the second case, i.e. in pigeon number two, the food was eagerly awaited and the enthusiasm was greater than in the first case when the food came with every touch of the lever.

Psychologists realized that the same excitement and attraction comes in the case of relationships and not only. We tend to be drawn to things that we can't wait for, and whether or not we're going to get something attracts us more than the sure thing. So you send him a message and it's much more interesting to wait if he will reply or not than to be sure that he will reply. Although the second one is the best and the healthiest relationship.

This explains why people stay in toxic relationships, but also why they are attracted to gambling. Do I win or not? As the experiment with pigeons shows, it seems something interesting.