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Pop it, the anti-stress game that has fixed Tik Tok 

Pop it, the anti-stress game that has fixed Tik Tok

The ultimate adult mania is a childrens game. Pop it has become famous especially by Tik Toku.

Impossible not to have seen it in the hands of any child on the street, on the beach or in shopping malls.

What is Pop it?

It is a silicone game that is played with fingers. With different and colorful shapes the "buttons" are passed from one side to the other.

The game is not as new as it seems

Something like this was first sold in 1975 by Thora Design. Rosenblant Ora had lost her sister to breast cancer when she created this game and the circular buttons symbolized the breast.

At that time there was no success.

Even in 2013, when it hit the market again, it did not have the success it claimed.

Only at the end of 2019 did he gain fame, especially thanks to Tik Toku and numerous videos of people playing with him.

Some associate the success of this game, in this period, with the stress of isolation from the pandemic.

In addition to being anti-stress, this game is also recommended for children who have problems with concentration, as it keeps them focused for a certain amount of time.

In Albania it is sold in toy stores and stationery and the price varies from 200 lek to 3 thousand new lek. It can also be ordered online on Amazon .