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Why should you never go on honeymoon right after the wedding

Why should you never go on honeymoon right after the wedding

Newlyweds leave for their honeymoon shortly after their wedding, or perhaps a few days later.

There is more than one reason not to go on honeymoon right after the wedding.

There is more time to save.

Weddings can be simply the most expensive ceremony you can ever arrange for yourself. And many couples spend almost all of their savings on that special day, which means a honeymoon will weigh them down. So it would probably be more practical and easier to postpone it for a few months or up to a year. This way you will be able to save enough money, so you are free to spend what you want and not whatever you have left.

You will be able to get more days off work.

Many couples take time off work in order to get married and enjoy some free time before and after the big day. There are not many days of leave available from work. You need to get back there, so do not rush into your honeymoon vacation. You can postpone them for a while.

You will plan it without any stress.

The details you will need to plan for your wedding are already overwhelming and stressful. You do not need the honeymoon as an extra thing to worry about. So instead of putting so much effort into so many things over a period of time, you can distribute them.

You will have something fun to look forward to.

Everyday life can become quite tense and tiring, and your wedding is a stress in itself. So it may be better to enjoy your honeymoon when you are a little calmer.

You will be able to spend time with friends and family from afar

In most families there are people who live far away and come to Castile for the wedding. Why leave and leave them there.