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Why does our meat become grain-grain?

Why does our meat become grain-grain?

Some physical phenomena are really strange. Chills, sneezes, are things we can not control even if we want to. And with them the shivering of the meat, or as we call it, the grain-by-grain meat.

Why does it happen?

What you need to know first is that this phenomenon is beneficial.

Flesh peeling usually occurs when we are cold, or when we have emotions.

Needless to say, the cold is known to be not a favorable condition for the body. The cool smell is ok, but being exposed to temperatures close to zero, for a long time and feeling cold, is a serious health risk.

The body can lose all of its heat, causing us to switch to hypothermia.

What exactly is happening?

Specifically, skin receptors communicate with muscles about the dangerous (cold) situation and lift hair pores and make them firmer. The pores on the epidermis appear as small swellings and the hairs, from the normal horizontal position, rise upwards. This gives extra protection to the skin exposed to the cold and prevents the cold from entering the inside of the skin. This way we lose less heat and it is easier to maintain a normal body temperature (and not get too cold).