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Nude cleaners also arrive in Italy

Nude cleaners also arrive in Italy

From Great Britain, where this phenomenon started, it has reached Italy. In recent days, cleaners who work naked are being sought more and more.

Careful! This phenomenon has nothing to do with the sexual aspect. It is rooted in the philosophy of naturism - that is, the most natural contact between human beings and the natural environment, which can obviously occur when one is naked

It's a real pastrami service now widespread in the UK: 'We are professional cleaning service providers who believe in naturism,' reads the homepage of UK Naturist Cleaners, a group of men and women domestic workers who offer to clean completely (or at least partially) naked in exchange for a reward starting from 26 to 50 euros per hour.

In recent weeks, the first testimonies of female workers who were offered the same offer have appeared in Italy: "She asked me if I wanted to do the cleaning naked and instead of the initially agreed fee (12 euros per hour), I offered 100 euros, but I had to stay without clothes," a 28-year-old girl told QuiComo newspaper.

Who are the naturist cleaners who wash and iron completely naked?

Claire O'Connor, an English naturist cleaner who has been working in this sector for several years, has told the Mirror some details: 'I go home, undress and clean the rooms'. The woman revealed that she started doing the job simply to supplement her salary, but as time went on, she decided to venture into this new business, founding a naturist cleaning company, Fantasy Clean:

“None of the customers can touch me or take pictures. I just do my cleaning job and leave," she shared.