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After the divorce Adele says she misses marriage

After the divorce Adele says she misses marriage

The famous singer, Adele, who after the separation with her ex-husband is living a romance with the sports agent Rich Paul has admitted during an interview that she misses her married life and that she is open to marriage.

The 33-year-old singer's comment comes after she was seen a few days ago with a ring on her wedding finger.

During the interview for Sirius XM, Adele said: "I'm definitely open to marriage again. The feeling I had when I was married was the safest feeling I have ever had in my life. '

The singer added during the interview that although her first marriage did not work out she misses being married.

Speaking about her latest album, "30", which is dedicated to her finished marriage, Adele said that "it seemed to be a relationship that would not resist".

"In marriage there must be dialogue and respect for each other otherwise nothing is resolved there should be only debate and grief especially when there is a child involved. There has been a lot of gossip on the internet as to why he took all my money. "Am I stupid to let anyone take all my money?" Said the bell singer who owns a fortune of 190 million dollars.

Upon returning to the UK last month Adele was spotted with a sparkling crystal ring on her wedding finger just hours after enjoying a romantic dinner with Richin at a Chinese restaurant.