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I did not go shopping for a year and here is what I learned

I did not go shopping for a year and here is what I learned

One day I wondered if I could spend a full year without shopping. The thought came to me on a Tuesday last October and was prompted by the clothes I still had labeled in the closet.

One thing that is no surprise to anyone who knows me: I love fashion. Clothes, bags, shoes, and anything that is stylish or fashionable. Buy at least two or three times a month. Not all were necessary.

Now that I was looking inside my closet and doing an analysis of what I was wearing and those I had not touched for months (or years!), I gave myself a personal challenge: not to buy any clothes or accessories - for myself - for 365 days. I posted my plan on social media. I made it public just to feel compelled to implement it. If I said it out loud I would have to stick to it. Could I really do that? One year seemed like an eternity. The first and second months were easy. I stood outside the shops and the temptation to buy was low. I am lucky, in this case, to live in a small town, where there are no clothing stores every inch. In many ways, this served as a huge advantage.

However, shopping in the 21st century knows no bounds. All I had to do was pick up my phone and scroll through social media and watch the offers coming out of my favorite stores.

I avoided advertising as much as I could.

By the time the six-month limit crossed, I had stayed true to the challenge, with the exception of the new running socks (a kind of necessity). I felt incredibly proud. Half a year without unnecessary purchases. I posted again, doing an update and received some congratulatory messages.

'I could never!' Most said.

'Good for you!' Many responded. Someone wrote me that he was doing the same thing and I felt good. It was in the third month of the challenge.

Mbaj mend që ndjeva një ndjenjë të tillë kënaqësie që diçka që po bëja për veten time kishte motivuar dikë tjetër të bënte të njëjtën gjë. Më nxiti të vazhdoja.

Sapo filloi vera, joshja e një sarafani të ri ose një palë sandalesh u bë e fortë. Ja ku isha, duke dalë nga letargjia dimërore. Ne ishim nisur për në dasmën e një kushëriri dhe do të kisha dashur të blija një fustan të ri për këtë rast. Të rivesh diçka në të cilën në kanë parë tashmë? Por unë rezistova. Në vend të kësaj, vesha një fustan nga dollapi im. U ndjeva mirë në fund, dukesha mirë dhe kurseva njëqind dollarë.

Tani jam rreth një javë larg nga përmbushja e një viti. Më ka ikur dëshira e çmendur që kisha për blerje në fillim. Kohën e shpenzuar nëpër dyqane online mësova ta kaloj me familjen.

I learned a lot by completing this challenge. My willpower is stronger than I knew. Most of my previous purchases were a direct result of negative emotions (boredom, at the top of the list). When I got bored - or something, I often got up and moved. Physical activity, even a walk made me feel better.

But even more than inner reflection, the challenge reinforced what I already knew. Fashion can be fun and beautiful, but it also kills the environment.

Moreover, many fashion brands operate with exploitative work practices, forcing garment workers to work with very low wages and precarious working conditions, for garments that end up being too expensive.