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A veterinarian tells what each animal does in the last minutes of life

A veterinarian tells what each animal does in the last minutes of life

One of the saddest moments that anyone who has a pet experiences is that of separation. Inevitably, although difficult to accept, our four-legged friend generally lives less than we do. So while we accompany him throughout his life, he stays with us only for a very short period, which inevitably leaves sleep, emptiness and an unspeakable pain at the moment of farewell.

Many animals, in fact, suffering from incurable diseases or having reached the terminal stages of some pathologies for which therapies are ineffective, have to undergo euthanasia, which although it is the most difficult thing for people to get this decision, is actually right for the 4-put friend who is suffering.

Becoming selfish and not wanting to give up the dog or cat is not a good thing.

Even more selfish is not staying in the same room with him at the last moment. Do you know what an animal does in the last moments? Seeks with the eye for the lord.

To think that 90% of those who choose euthanasia for their pet do not stay in a room with them because they can not stand it.

"As that injection takes place, at the last moment the animals look around in despair, looking for their owners. This breaks my heart ", says a veterinarian.

So the real act of love, no matter how difficult, is to stay with them to the end. It is ultimately a sacrifice they deserve, for all the sincere love, loyalty, companionship and gentleness they have given us in our years together.

Another vet, who posted a post on Facebook to make owners realize that their pets' real desire, before they die, is to see who has accompanied them throughout their lives, reinforces this. thought.

"You have been the center of their lives for a long time. You are their family. It’s hard, it’s devastating for you, but please don’t leave them alone. Do not let them leave this world, in a room full of strangers, in a place they do not like. What most people do not know is that they look for you when you leave! They look in every face of the people in the room for the face of the people they love. They do not understand why they left him now that he is sick. Do not be cowardly just because you think it hurts a lot. "Think a little about how your abandoned friend feels", writes the veterinarian.