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A new 'supercontinent' could wipe out humanity and make Earth uninhabitable, study suggests

A new 'supercontinent' could wipe out humanity and make Earth

The formation of a new "supercontinent" could wipe out humanity and all other mammals in 250 million years, researchers have predicted.

Using supercomputers, scientists from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom predicted how climate extremes would intensify and the world's continents would merge to form one supercontinent, Pangea Ultima, in about 250 million years.

They found that it would be extremely hot, and the Earth would become virtually uninhabitable for humans and mammals.

The researchers simulated temperature, wind, rain and humidity trends for the supercontinent and used models of tectonic plate movement, ocean chemistry to calculate carbon dioxide levels.

They found that not only would the formation of Pangea Ultima lead to more regular volcanic eruptions, spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and warming the planet, but the sun would also become brighter, emitting more energy and warming more. beyond the Earth, noted the experts in the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.