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A status error (by the team) turned the neuroscientist's life upside down

A status error (by the team) turned the neuroscientist's life upside down

One post and then hundreds of death threats.

This is the story of a neuroscientist in one sentence.

Dalal Abu Amneh still insists she had no intention of taking sides in her October 7 Facebook message: 'The only winner is God.'

The Palestinian (northern Israel) - a neuroscientist and popular singer known in the Arab world - was beginning a silent retreat at a Christian monastery in Jerusalem when word of the Hamas massacre began to spread.

She immediately sought to convey the idea that nothing good would come of the Hamas attacks or the ensuing war in Gaza.

'The only winner is God,' she wrote, reflecting her pacifist beliefs.

Her team posted it in Arabic: 'La gha-leb il-la lah'. And they added a Palestinian flag to the message, as they usually do with posts about her music.

When she saw the post the next day and saw the flag, her heart sank. This flag that they had placed, without telling them, made the message seem one-sided.

The death threats began soon after — on social media and in threatening phone calls and, finally, in furious protests on her doorstep. Her fellow Israelis threatened to rape her, burn down her house and kill her two children.

When the couple went to a police station to seek protection, they arrested him. They kept him in prison for three days.

Police said the Facebook post, her only public comment on the horrific events, amounted to unlawful provocation. Abu Amneh removed the post after it went viral, but has not apologized. It stands by the message that had only peace as its goal. Almost four months later, her life is still upside down.