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From secret diaries to social media, that's why we need to reread our past

From secret diaries to social media, that's why we need to reread our past

Until a few years ago, in all the rooms of children and teenagers there was somewhere, a remote corner, possibly hidden from the eyes of the most curious, a diary. Today they may still be there, among old classroom and homework notebooks, covered in dust. By the end of school you should have abandoned the old diaries.

This article is for you who still saved it, but also for you who threw it away. Know that if you threw the handwritten diary in the trash, you ended up online and even public for everyone. They are your social networks.

Before entering into the discussion of social networks or diaries that express our subconscious, let us say as a start that reading and re-reading memories does us good.

So if you have found one, remember that despite all the unfulfilled expectations, or broken links, rereading them is a good habit. Immersion in memories lets you notice the changes and see if there has been progress. Then: being face to face with a diary helps you reflect on the problems we once gave so much weight to. Last but not least: re-reading them leads to understanding who and what has hurt us and to understanding what unresolved points we carry on our shoulders.

If you want to take advantage of the diary, stand firm and reread what you have written every fifteen years. According to Professor Alberto Fornasari, social media also acts as a global treasure trove of our secrets, only we use them far more than any other blog.

It is a fact that within a few years we have moved from the secret diary to the Facebook diary. How many times have you posted a sad song or a black screen in a dark moment, a poem when you felt in love, or pictures of a moment of happiness with friends? And is not this a secret diary in all respects?

On the other hand, who did not feel bad before an old post posted on this platform? Or from a comment once made drowsy?

So if you have to choose, you always have the diary. There you can write without fear if you have written well, that one is hurting or what you will think after 15 years.

However, on social networks there is an option for only you to see your memories. So whatever way you choose, it's worth it. Memories need to be collected to revisit them.