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If your pee looks or smells like this, it's time to see a doctor

If your pee looks or smells like this, it's time to see a doctor

When you go to the bathroom, you probably don't notice the sight or smell of your pee most of the time.

Normally our urine consists of 95% pure water and 5% other components. For the most part, 'normal' urine has no smell if you are healthy and well hydrated. In addition, urine is usually a light yellow color.

However, when something is going on, odors may begin to appear and the urine may change color. Here are some changes that may require a visit to the doctor:

Fruity smelling urine

If your urine smells fruity, it could be a bad sign that something is going on that you'll want to see a doctor about.

"Diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to move sugar into the cell and so excess sugar remains in the bloodstream," said Dr. Katherine Klos, a board-certified urologist and medical advisor at Uqora. "Excess sugar eventually gets into your urine, causing an increase in urine volume along with a characteristic sweet smell."

An ammonia scent

You may be familiar with the smell of ammonia from cleaning products or from smelling salts. If your urine starts to smell like ammonia, this may be a cause for concern.

Dr. Jodie Horton, a health consultant, noted that ammonia-smelling urine can indicate liver disease.

Urine that is red

When you're not on your period and your pee is red, think about what you ate first: Foods like beets, blackberries, and rhubarb have the potential to turn your urine a reddish-pink color.

If it doesn't, consider calling your doctor. "Red can indicate blood in your urine or kidney stones," Horton said.

Blue and green urine

Unless you've recently ingested any blue or green food dye, you'll want to see a doctor if your urine looks these colors "Green and blue urine can indicate some type of bacterial infection," Horton said.

Orange urine

When was the last time you drank some water? Dehydration is the main cause of orange urine, which can usually be fixed with a few glasses of water. However, if your stool is light brown in addition to orange urine, this could be a sign of a bile duct problem, which you will need to see a medical professional.