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If you liked 'Mare of Easttown', these movies and series are for you

If you liked 'Mare of Easttown', these movies and series are for you

Did you finish "Mare of Easttown" on HBO? If you like crime, detective and mystery subjects there are some other suggestions. "Town and Country" has listed them.

The Stranger

A shocking discovery coming from a stranger shakes the world of Adam Price. The one-season, eight-episode series grips the viewer behind the mystery. It is not yet known if there will be a second season.

The Flight Attendant

Kaley Cuoco plays the role of a flight attendant in the HBO Max series. With the excessive habit of drinking alcohol, Cuoco wakes up one morning with a dead man in bed next to her and does not remember how he got there.

Cruel Summer

The executive producer of this series is Jessica Biel who also made "The sinner". The story relates to a mystery and events set in 1990. One girl disappears and another girl takes her own life. In this classic case of identity crisis, it is difficult to know whom to trust.

The Head

A group of a research center located in Antarctica meets a serial killer. In such an isolated area, could the killer be part of the team?

Tell Me Your Secrets

Everyone has a writing and every past tells a story. In this series the stories are full of mystery, lies and murder. There is a lot of dynamism.

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