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At sea with menstrual cycle. Yes or no?

At sea with menstrual cycle. Yes or no?

One of the worst moments for any woman is when she gets her period on beach days.

Tampons or napkins, with a scarf or with pants, to enter or not to enter the sea?

But is it worth going to the sea when you are on bleeding days?

The answer is yes and you can enjoy it without limits. The truth is that for years we have been raised with false myths, which it is right to reject.

It all starts with the thought and the way you feel on the beach while you have your days.

Some women, in fact, may not find themselves in a truly comfortable situation, due to the physical swelling caused by menstruation, or the typical cramps of those days; others may find the bathing suit uncomfortable and feel like they are getting dirty all the time.

However, we need to clarify some beliefs related to the menstrual cycle.

It is not true that water stops bleeding

It slows it down, but it's just a matter of gravity. 'Blood flows from the uterus into the vagina through the cervix due to gravity and the water pressure can reduce the flow while swimming,' explains Dr. Jacqueline Ho, an expert in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

There is no "mystery", that is, no strange reactions of menstrual blood in contact with cold water. It's just about physics.

No one will notice if you lose blood in the water

Any small amount of blood entering the water would either be neutralized by chemical water treatment, in the case of swimming pools, or extremely diluted in a large natural body of water such as a lake, ocean or sea.

The tampon inserted before swimming is actually positioned very high, while the rest of the vagina remains quite "closed" at that moment, so the passage of fluids in and out is practically non-existent.

No sharks will attack you!

It may seem strange, but some women also have this concern, especially if they find themselves swimming in very open waters like the ocean. In any case, you can be sure: your blood will not attract any scary sea creatures!

The sun does not increase the flow

Although it is advisable to avoid exposure during the hottest hours for those who suffer from a drop in blood pressure and fatigue, it is wrong to say that the sun's rays contribute to making the cycle more abundant. Therefore, if you do not feel any particular pain, you can devote yourself to tanning without any problem.

The key word, in any case, is to be at ease with yourself and your body; menstruation should no longer be a taboo, on the contrary.