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My sister is jealous of me because she thinks I's my parents' favorite. What do I do?

My sister is jealous of me because she thinks I's my parents'

"I have thought a lot in the last hours about jealousy and I realized that we become jealous not only in a romantic relationship. The situation in my house is quite complicated.

I'm Audrey and I have a sister named Julia. She is two years older than me and thinks I am a parent favorite just because I am younger. He thinks that they care more about me, spend more time with me than with him, and that they buy me more things. I myself do not think parents have one more favorite than the other. I think they love us and treat us the same. It's sad that she thinks she's "second" all this time. I do not want there to be any tension between us. What should I do?"

Relationship expert

Sometimes older siblings may think that parents love their younger siblings more, but this is not necessarily the case. they love all their children equally, but sometimes one child demands more attention than the other. For example, a younger sibling may need a little more attention. I think there are some things you can do to make Julia feel better and make you all happier as a family.

Things you can do:

Talk to Julian. Try to tell her your side of the story and explain that her feelings are not your fault. Show them that you are not doing anything to get more family attention. Ask her to give you some examples of cases where she has felt bad about this situation.

Ask Julian what he would like to happen. How does she see a perfect relationship with you and your parents? Try to understand how all of you, as a family, can make this possible.

Talk to your parents. Tell them about Julia's jealousy. They may know nothing.

Things Julia can do:

Talk to parents. Jealousy and frustration can be damaging when we keep them inside. An honest conversation with the parents can make Julian feel better.

Focus on the positive and the negative. She can even create a diary where she can write down all the good things that happen to her within a day.