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The way you write the letter X tells about your character. Find out!

The way you write the letter X tells about your character. Find out!

According to some studies, the way we write with our hands can reveal deep aspects of our personality. An interesting detail is the way we write the letter 'X'. The lines we draw to form this letter can reveal interesting traits of our nature and offer a little insight into our way of thinking. Why not try this simple test? Take a pen, paper and write 'X'.

The test in question is based on a study conducted by graphologist Kathi McKnight, who shared her findings in an interview with Oprah Magazine. McKnight explained the meaning behind each different style of writing 'X'.

The way you write the letter X tells about your character. Find out!

Method 1

If you draw your 'X' starting at the bottom right, this suggests that despite your desire to progress and look to the future, you are still anchored in the past. This tendency may reflect a difficulty in letting go of old habits, experiences, or memories that continue to affect you in the present, preventing you from moving forward freely into new opportunities and changes.

Method 2

If you draw your 'X' starting at the bottom left and bottom right, this suggests a distinctive trait of your rebellious personality, says the McKnight test. This writing style shows that you have a strong desire to break away from the past and move forward into the future with determination. However, despite your desire to move on and leave the past behind, the past continues to exert a certain influence on you.

Method 3

If you start writing your 'X' starting at the top right, this writing style may indicate a tendency towards rebellion that lacks a clear and defined motivation. Your tendency to challenge norms seems to be more of an instinctive behavior than a conscious reaction motivated by a specific goal or ideology.

Method 4

When you draw an 'X' in the 4 way, it means you have a complex personality. Such a writing style suggests that despite your efforts to focus on the future and progress, there is a part of you that is still strongly connected to the past.

Method 5

If you draw it this way, it could mean that you have a non-conformist spirit. You prefer to follow your own unique path rather than adhere to established rules, demonstrating strong independence of thought and a desire to stand out from the crowd.

Method 6

You are a true artist, someone who is not afraid to break with tradition and explore new horizons. Your originality and your ability to think outside the box make you unique and you are fully aware of this special quality.

Method 7

Perhaps during your school years you were taught to write the letter 'X' starting from left to right. This traditional method of writing reveals a lot about your personality. It shows that you tend not to deviate from established norms and that you prefer to follow the rules.

Method 8

Your manner indicates a preference for unconventional thinking. This approach suggests that you tend to think outside the box and are not afraid to explore new perspectives.