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How to build your confidence if you suffer from anxiety

How to build your confidence if you suffer from anxiety

Dealing with social anxiety is very difficult. But taking small steps will help you become more comfortable and social with people. Here are some ways to build trust.

Talk positively to yourself

Practice talking to yourself in the sweetest way possible. Don't let negative thoughts enter your head. Practice saying positive things and affirmations that help you feel better.

Think about your achievements

Don't degrade yourself by thinking you don't matter. Instead, think about your past accomplishments and what has drawn you so far. These small moments of motivation will help you realize that you are capable of greater things.

Accept compliments more often

When people say how good you look, accept their compliments. Compliments are meant to make you feel good about yourself. Listen to others and also thank them for their compliments and comments.

Right posture

Practice standing straight as it helps in enhancing your personality to a great extent and builds self-confidence.

Setting goals

Learn to set small goals at first so they are achievable. Don't put pressure on yourself by setting big goals, because it can become overwhelming at first.