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More Self Love! Advice from Mikel Gjergji: Habits that Avoid Damage for a Fit Body

Gjithçka ka të bëjë me standardin që i vendos vetes në zakonet në stilin e jetesës dhe kujdesin që tregojmë në produktet që përdorim nisur me ato të përditshme ushqimin, kafen, duhanin dhe aktivitetin

More Self Love! Advice from Mikel Gjergji: Habits that Avoid Damage for a Fit

We all want to feel healthy and definitely beautiful. Part of loving yourself is keeping your body in shape. To achieve it requires special attention and care not only in the models of different sports that promote a good physique but as a whole, in the whole lifestyle and the standard that we follow. In recent years, the discipline of Crossfit is rivaling any training method known to date. For Mikel Gjergjin, a well-known CrossFit trainer at Spartan Albania, everything has to do with the standard he sets for himself in lifestyle habits and the care we show in the products we use, starting with daily food, coffee, tobacco and activity. Mikel Gjergji offered these tips in support of "More Self-Love" - ​​the awareness campaign by the KREO organization.

"The first and most important thing is the daily regime. And get up at the same time, eat meals at the same time. Consuming meals at irregular times deregulates the digestive system, weakens the metabolism, causes the brain to be deregulated from sleep schedules - thus, it makes the body work in a strained form and the level of stress increases.

Another thing we should consider are the products we consume.

Although we choose healthy diets, it happens that we do not have time to prepare them and we end up choosing industrial products or semi-ready products. It is best to avoid this as much as possible. Do not use industrial or canned products or things that have added elements that we do not know what they are and how they can react in our body.

The consumption part also includes alcohol and tobacco, which society has included as part of the way of life. So it is rare for an adult not to smoke or drink alcohol. Smoking is one of those habits that we should try to avoid as much as possible. Today many medical tabloids talk about harm reduction. An example is this, if we cannot completely avoid smoking we can reduce its risk by changing the habit with alternative forms that are less harmful.

Another product I would add is coffee, which is like "our popular sport". Its consumption has both positive and negative sides. Excessive consumption during a day also has negative effects that are often irreversible as it has a direct impact on brain waves, coffee can cause damage or disturbances in the way the brain works. The recommended amount is one espresso a day, maximum 2 and they are suggested to be consumed after a meal but not immediately after waking up - at least 1 and a half hours after waking up. Let's not forget sugar, which is a product that we should avoid as it is inflammatory for our body in all forms that can be served as industrial sugar or alcohol, various processed doughs, etc.

And in the end, physical activity should definitely become part of our daily routine - it not only brings benefits to our physique and nervous system, but also encourages and sensitizes us to take care of food, sleeping and waking hours. So, as a whole, it disciplines us," says Mikel Gjergji.

Regarding discipline through training - Mikel Gjergji lists the reasons why crossfit has essential benefits: "If it was someone who doesn't have a favorite sport, I would definitely suggest crossfit. As a discipline in terms of importance, I would list the first because it is essentially human efficiency. It is not only important to improve the cardiovascular system, it is not only important to lift heavy weights but it should be something balanced between the two. One of the reasons why I recommend crossfit is that it is based on functional movements, or in other words, movements that we encounter in everyday life - squats, pull-ups, holding a weight, moving a weight from the ground to the shoulders, and many other movements that involve sets of muscles. large muscles and several joints - not only make them healthier but educate the body on how to connect these muscles to function efficiently. Another reason is concentration and focus. The mind is unloaded from the thoughts and stress of the day. During an hour, the brain relaxes and after training you are more clear-headed and more energetic!"