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You better know now. The three signs that await a difficult day today

You better know now. The three signs that await a difficult day today

We have just passed the full moon and this brings difficulties for three of the horoscope signs.


It may be harder than normal to believe in your dreams. This means that hopes will also be weak. Every time we move from one version of ourselves to another, we feel a certain fear because it is something new. Do not listen to anyone's opinion. Just yourself! The more you can believe in your dreams the more chances you have of succeeding. It seems that a special relationship just is not going where you hoped. You have tried different approaches and different methods to make it work, but at the end of each day you are going to bed alone. Do not be afraid to shake hands.


As Uranus moves through your sign and forms an opposition to Venus, it is time for you to recognize the obstacles. Think about what it takes to be truly happy and feel fulfilled. Think about your finances and what you will spend your money on today, reflect on whether prices are high. In the same way, reflect on the obligations or responsibilities you have previously agreed upon. If you do not measure your steps well, these situations can actually tire you out and you will not have the time you need to focus on yourself and your dreams. This is the time to decide; Will you live your life or someone else’s version?


The dilemma of these days of yours is: Will it be enough ?. Sometimes it has nothing to do with chances. It is not even about trying to figure out what you are doing wrong, but it is about trying to figure out if someone keeps telling you his or her truth repeatedly or lying. Take time today to make an inventory in your life and see what is worthwhile and what is not. Reflect on the closest relationships in your life, romantic or not, and do the analysis. Remember that you teach people how to treat you based on what you accept and sometimes the solution is not to ask them how to behave, but simply to leave.