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Better a lonely child or a sibling?

Better a lonely child or a sibling?

It is certainly a question that is difficult to answer. What is the ideal number of children a family should have?

Many variables intervene to make us realize that it is not possible to find a single answer to the question. First of all, we need to understand how many children we want; whether or not we give weight to certain conditions, such as economic, work and personal or health stability.

It is practically impossible to determine if there is an ideal number of children.

Some say stopping after the first child makes it easier to manage. Plus that everything the family has is and will be this child, thus raising their standard of living.

Some, in fact most people, replace themselves in some way. So a couple, two kids. Others after two girls or after two boys, even make a child to balance the gender they lack.

What do studies say?

Research from Norway, for example, found that the number of children in a family plays a relatively small role in determining education level or IQ, at least among adolescents.

The same can be said about personality traits. A 1987 article, which summarizes 140 studies, showed that there is no difference between single children and children with siblings in terms of characteristics such as, for example, extroversion. The same results came from a survey conducted in China, a country that has long adopted a child's policy. No differences in personality traits were found between single children and those with siblings.

If there is one thing that matters it is the birth order. Children born first, whether they have siblings or not, perform slightly better on IQ tests, continue their studies more often, and are destined to achieve higher profits in life. Although researchers are unable to explain exactly why, this may be due to the fact that parents spend a lot of time with their first child to teach them to communicate, read and write, encouraging the development of language to the child.

For the rest, the choice of the number of children is and should be exclusively the right of the family, for reasons that only mom and dad should know and that, of course, should not be justified to anyone!