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Silva Bino tears: In the pandemic I lost my mother and I hold her hostage because I did not have time to stand by her. She was sad…

Silva Bino tears: In the pandemic I lost my mother and I hold her hostage

Dr. Silva Bino, appeared in the interview for Tiranapost, as we had never seen her, in tears. The reason was the mother. She lost it during the pandemic period, when work did not allow her to be as much as she would like, next to her.

"She is with me. She has been a strong woman. I told you all. This year I am used to living without Erifil. My mother has not been very petting. There was a woman who demanded a lot from me. In the sense that I had to complete the tasks on time. I had to be a lady, to face life and what is most important is that she said you have to be patient in everything. And that has been a principle of hers and of course it is the care she had. That mothers want without limits, without conditions. It was the care she had. Her words in the sense of giving patience. Despite that during the year of the pandemic, she was tired at the time because she was also sick and I did not have time to stay as long as I wanted with her. To tell the truth. "And it seems to me as if I have neglected it a bit", says Silva Bino, thus the mortgage she has.

She tells how her hospitalization, when she became infected with Covid, was something that made her mother very sad. Silva says that she first found him lying in bed when he went to see him, as soon as he left the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

"She passed Covidin. She stuck it to us. I did not take Covid to work, I took him home. Despite the fact that I have not been and since I have not entered the homes of people with Covid, from the beginning. I got it from her and she got it from another person she loved very much, who brought it home etc etc. She passed Covid very easily, but my hospitalization made it very difficult for her. It saddened him even more. And I when I got out of the hospital, I found him in bed. "My mother never stayed in bed, no matter how sick she was," Silva Bino told Tiranapost.