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Leonardo DiCaprio calls his new movie "Don't Look Up" a gift

Jo sepse ai filloi të punojë me një kast që përfshin Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Timothee Chalamet dhe Jonah Hill, por sepse filmi tregon rreziqet e ndryshimeve klimatike, duke i bërë njerëzit të qeshin

Leonardo DiCaprio calls his new movie "Don't Look Up" a gift

"I think we have all seen this as an extremely unique gift," said DiCaprio, one of Hollywood's most vocal environmental activists.

"We wanted to give the message about the climate crisis and Adam (McKay) hit the code by creating this narrative," he said.

Released in theaters Friday and aired on Netflix on December 24, "Don't Look Up" takes a satirical look at how the media and politicians deal with climate issues. The plot sees two low-key astronomers (played by DiCaprio and Lawrence) trying to warn of a world that does not seem to care about a large comet on track to destroy Earth in six months.

DiCaprio said he would seek to make a film about the climate crisis for a while, but finding the right approach had proved difficult, so far.

Director Adam McKay said that while people may see the film as a political stance "the big hoax is that we want you to laugh".

"At the root is a comedy.

DiCaprio said he was withdrawn from the film because he wanted to support scientists.

"I wanted to give my hat to people who dedicate their lives to this issue, who know what they are talking about and try to give them a little voice," he said.

The Oscar-winning actor called himself a "Debbie Downer" for advancing efforts to address the climate crisis, but he added: "Hopefully movies like this ... start creating different conversations and more people talking about it. will push the private sector and the powers that be to make massive changes. ”