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When leaving things halfway becomes a problem

When leaving things halfway becomes a problem

It can happen to everyone to leave things half-baked. A commitment, maybe unexpected, a problem to solve, lack of time... there can be many reasons and there is nothing wrong with that.

For some people, however, this is not an impromptu event, but a real habit, which in some cases can become a problem. Let's see when it will happen and why.

Why do you leave things half done?

There are many reasons why people leave something unfinished. Sometimes this happens due to external circumstances, but in most cases it is related to our personal characteristic or situation. In some circumstances we fail to complete a task not because something prevents us, but because we are trying to avoid a reality or situation, or because we are afraid. There is a kind of disconnect between goals and tasks: the intentions to do something are there, but this does not translate into concrete actions to achieve it.

This can have several reasons, including:

1. Low self-esteem

When we don't have enough self-confidence, we think that the things we do have no value and we think that it doesn't matter if we do them or not.

2. Feeling of worthlessness

Some people leave things unfinished because they think it will go wrong anyway. They fear the results and avoid facing their limitations, real or imagined.

3. Distraction

This happens when there are things that completely absorb attention, interest. As a result, we no longer have the energy to invest in other activities.

4. Overload

When we have more commitments than time to fulfill them, we usually end up doing everything halfway.

When we fail to complete any of the tasks we set ourselves or when putting off and procrastinating the completion of a task becomes a strategy to escape negative emotions, this can become a problem.

In fact, leaving things unfinished can have various consequences and result in a feeling of anxiety that can grow and become overwhelming. Not only that: it can also undermine self-esteem and be associated with a number of related problems, such as constant stress, feelings of stagnation, decreased productivity and lack of attention, as well as prevent us from starting other projects.

People who want to stop themselves from leaving things halfway must approach the problem on two different levels. The first relates to the habit or, rather, to the breaking of what begins as an unconscious action and ends up becoming a habit. :

However, this is not enough: it is also necessary to solve the problem at a deeper level, investigating, if necessary with the help of a professional, what are the causes that lead to leaving things halfway, in order to be able to face and solve them.