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Where the new rich differ from the old rich, or: New Money versus Old Money

Where the new rich differ from the old rich, or: New Money versus Old Money

From the behavior, from the dress, from the tip, all the details that make the difference between the young rich and the old rich. You can find all of them in this article and at the end you have the opportunity to give your opinion on the topic.

The way they talk about wealth

The old rich whisper wealth. They celebrate and enjoy life while keeping a low profile.

The young rich shout wealth.

The way they behave

Those who are newly rich have a tendency to put others down, especially those in the service.

The old rich don't have the rudeness of the nouveau riche.

How they behave in stores

The young rich are the ones who can be seen in the shops as well. "Serve me here, because you know how much money I left in this store."

The early rich are those who buy t-shirts and jeans, but which cost a lot and at the end politely say: "Thank you for your time".

In a working relationship

When the young rich are nervous, something has not gone as they want, they begin to complain: I worked harder than anyone. I am more disciplined than anyone.

It is enough to remember the influencers here. Those who advertise on Instagram the perfect diets, that they do exercises and strict lives or how they start the day very early.

How do they leave tips?

It may seem strange, but the old rich are stingy. They are not generous. They rarely tip restaurants or give additional monetary gifts to staff beyond pay.

So if you can choose, choose to work for the nouveau riche (if money is all you care about).

How they spend the money

The newly rich, since they earned their money at a young age and quickly, have the same tendency to spend it.

The hard-earned old rich are more mentally balanced with limited demands and no desire to waste money.

When they do charity

Usually when they donate money, the young rich seem to shout: Look at me donating.

Unlike the old rich who usually do these things as they need to be done and without much fuss. They think that class separation is normal and therefore, helping is normal and there are rules of etiquette to be followed.

How they behave with the tribe

The old rich usually tend not to leave the extended tribe to their own devices. Unlike the nouveau riche who work hard to make money and look down on the poor part of the tribe. They better leave a tip to the waiter after yelling at him all dinner about how to help a family member.

How they see themselves

The rich old man drives happily in his 30-year-old Volvo. He cares that he can buy whatever he wants, whether he buys it or not.

Whereas the young rich man thinks that he has worked hard to earn the money and should appear in public so that everyone can see that he has money.

The mindset created since the grandparents

The rich who were born like this are used to watching their family members how they behaved with those under them. They are taught that those who serve are occasionally rewarded. In previous generations, thank-you notes, advice, gifts and politeness were important signs of being well-bred. That life is not only about money. Yes, there is another reason. The old rich know well the cost of a bad reputation.

This is a point that was missed by those who grew up in poverty.

When a poor man marries a rich man

Usually those who grew up in poverty but marry into wealth are the most dangerous. They are the young rich who dress more expensively, show off more and embrace arrogance more than anyone else.

What do you think? Does the moment you become rich have anything to do with behavior?