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Problems with fertility? Check for these 5 early signs

Problems with fertility? Check for these 5 early signs

Signs of infertility are not always easy to diagnose. This is why it is important to be proactive when it comes to the health of your reproductive system and to pay attention to the early signs of infertility. So if you have tried to get pregnant for a long time with unfavorable results, there can be a host of reasons for this.

What exactly is infertility

First, it is important to understand that conception takes time and it is normal to try several months before you become pregnant. Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant. As a rule, it is normal to worry about your fertility if you have tried to get pregnant for at least a year without success.

5 possible reasons why you are not pregnant yet:

Your periods are irregular

Your menstrual cycle should be the first thing you should track when you are trying to get pregnant. Although it is not uncommon to have irregular periods from time to time, if this becomes a regular occurrence, it is important to consult a fertility specialist or your gynecologist. From hormonal imbalances, excessive exercise to certain medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there are several reasons behind an irregular menstrual cycle.

You are in your 30s

Your age is another factor that plays a crucial role in conception. For women after the age of 35, the chances of getting pregnant are lower than in your early 30s and fertility drops with age.

Are you overweight or underweight

Është e rëndësishme të kuptoni se edhe pesha juaj luan një rol të madh në shtatzëni. Prandaj, nëse planifikoni të keni një fëmijë, është e rëndësishme që të qëndroni sa më afër peshës suaj të shëndetshme. Mbipesha mund të çojë në probleme hormonale tek gratë dhe mund të pengojë shanset e konceptimit. Megjithatë, nuk janë vetëm kilogramët e tepërt që pengojnë procesin e krijimit të foshnjave, por edhe nënpesha mund të ketë një efekt negativ në fertilitetin tuaj.

Ju pini dhe pini duhan rregullisht

If you have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, it is time to pay attention to your smoking and drinking habits. As a rule, it is strictly advised to quit smoking and drinking, as they can prevent you from getting pregnant. It is recommended that women trying to have a baby or pregnant women should not drink alcohol or smoke at all to keep the risks to the baby's health as low as possible.

Are you on antidepressant medication?

If you are taking prescription medications for your mental health or any other type of mood disorder, it is possible that the SSRI class of antidepressants may affect your chances of getting pregnant.